Are you learning Creole? Do you need help quickly to communicate with your Haitian patients, clients, students, or employees? Our team has developed these free resources to help you get on track.

Learn Creole with our Online Dictionary

With over 20,000 entries, this is the largest English <> Haitian Creole dictionary available online. It will help you find the Creole translations in context of English words along with examples of use. This dictionary continues to grow and improve as well.

Communicate better with Haitian Patients

This free tool was created to facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and patients when an interpreter is not available. It includes medical vocabulary, anatomy illustrations, and phraseology with audio included!


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For more than a decade, Creole Solutions, Inc. has operated as a full service translation and localization company specializing in Haitian Creole. See more about the history of our organization and how we can help you communicate more effectively with Haitian clients, patients or employees.



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