Translations from English into Creole

SpecializationDescriptionWord Count
SafetyEmergency Shelter Map25521
HealthcareMedical Care Plans2522
SurveysTranslation of Survey Questions63345
LegalNotice of Procedural Safeguards45223
SchoolsMath Glossary24256
JobsEmployee Manual2775
2021Final Exam Materials 20212545
GuidesPatient and Family Guide26755
LegalFamily Court Narratives31546
FloridaRebuild Florida71445
COVIDClose Contact Positive1634
WebsitesGoogle Classroom Guide1567
CommunityFunding for Damaged Homes2834
LegalProof of Ownership Occupancy4232
RecordsPatient's Authorization for Release of Genetics Related1144
HospitalsFor Living Organ Donors2464
SurgeryPost Op Instructions1344
CommunicationFamily Communication3256
FoodsMobile Food Vending Manual574
SeniorsSenior Living7896
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